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Desiccant Point-of-Use Systems

Economical Answers to Clean Dry Air At The Point Of Use

First and Second Stage - A dual stage integral filter/regulator first removes corrosive moisture, scale and rust, protecting the precision parts of the regulator. Clean air then enters the high performance regulator where it is precisely reduced to the end use pressure requirement.

Third Stage - The air is then introduced in the coalescing filter, where 99.99% of oil aerosols and microscopic particles down to .01 microns are removed.

Fourth Stage - Finally, as air enters the desiccant dryer, it is distributed evenly through the desiccant bed, absorbing water vapor from the air, producing the -40°F dewpoint. As the air leaves the system, it is given a final filtration process to insure all desiccant dust is trapped.

Paint Systems: Desiccant Dryers
The latest in compressed air drying techniques


The perfect final filter. Eliminates paint failures caused by particulate, moisture, and oil aerosol contaminates as small as .01 micron.

Air Tools
The air tool savior. Extends the life of your tools by protecting bearings and precision parts from dirty, oily, watery contaminants.

Although there are many "look-a-likes" out there today, Motor Guard has remained the only manufacturer of our patented spiral bound wound element concept (all other copies use die-cut disks).

The filters are available individually (M-30 or M-60) or in kits: M-45 contains an M-30 with two spare M-723 elements, M-100 contains an M-60 with two spare M-723 elements. Users of these filters report contaminant free air with higher flow rates and minimal pressure drops.

Compressed Air Filter - Prep
AC-4535 Air Control Unit
Compact, high flow
The ULTIMATE Final Filter
MC-100 Activated Carbon Filter
Removes oil vapor and other contaminants
Download MC-100 Product Data Sheet
Compressed Air Filter - Sub-Micronic
M-30 Maximum Flow - 45CFM
M-60 Maximum Flow - 100CFM
The perfect final filter
Air Filter Kits
M-45 Clean Air Filter Kit (M30)
M-100 Clean Air Filter Kit (M60)
The perfect final filter with 2 spare elements
Sub-Micronic Filter Element
M-723 Filter Element
Removes to .01 microns
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The essential accessory for plasma cutters. Increases the efficiency and tip life of your plasma cutter by removing moisture and oil aerosols from your compressed air line.

Compressed Air Filter - Plasma Cutting
M-26 Maximum Flow - 2700 SCFH
Effectively removes oil aerosols and condensed moisture