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AS-4028 Air Tool Filter Specifications
Model No. Application Pipe Size Max Flow
@ 80 psi
Rating (NOM.)
Size Replacement

AS-4028 Air Tool 1/4" NPS/NPT 25 CFM 100 psi 40 Microns 2 1/2" x 3/4" EL-4058
Air Tool: Filter
AS-4028 Air Tool Filter
MOTOR GUARD's AS-4028 Filter with replaceable element EL-4058 is the unique filter for all shop air tools. Its rugged machined Aluminum housing protects the sintered bronze 40 micron element from normal shop abuse, while protecting your tools precision parts and bearings from damaging dirty air.

The filter removes contaminants from the air line right at the point of use, attached directly to the tool, protecting the tool and extending the life while reducing premature shop failures. The element will last for weeks, and is cleaned or replaced by simply unscrewing the metal housing.

The AS-4028 actually filters oil in the air line, providing the tool with a clean source of lubricant for maximum tool life. The filter is rated at 40 microns, with an operating temperature of 35°F to 200 °F, at an air line pressure of up to 500 psi. Eliminate shop air tool failures with the AS-4028, and extend the life of your tool.

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