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Disposable Systems

Painting: Spray Gun Filters
RF-1 Spray Gun Regulator/Filter

This Mini-Regulator is designed to provide constant pressure to the spray gun under the most demanding shop conditions. This is not an Air Adjusting Valve, but a true Diaphragm Regulator for the Professional Refinish Technician. The diaphragm operation, with it's unique Micro-Seat design insures no reduced pressure creep during operation. It also ends the common shop problem of readjusting the air pressure every time someone starts up an air tool. It comes a 0 to 160 psi gauge and tamper proof locking adjustment knob.

Filter This is the "Original" Motor Guard Disposable Spray Gun Filter. It not only insures clean, dry oil-free air to the spray gun, it also protects the regulator from damaging dirty air! It's patented spiral wound element forces the air to pass between the compressed element layers, entrapping particles as small as .01 microns, and removing all traces of oil and water. Maximum pressure 100 psi!

HVLP Approved This lightweight combination Regulator/Filter is designed to deliver up to 30 CFM of regulated, clean, dry, oil-free air to any HVLP or conventional spray gun. This is the highest flow combination system on the market today, and, once you use the MOTOR GUARD RF-1, you won't paint with anything else

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