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Spot-Weld Cutter and Magna Drill
  • Industry Standard Spot-Weld Cutter
  • Self-Starting Cutter
  • Professional, Quality Performance

For years, the Motor Guard Spot Weld Cutter has been the tool of choice for separating body panels from tough OE welds. Its long lasting, tool-steel cutter with reversible double-life feature out lasts the competition in all applications. Now, for more exacting operation, we offer a companion model, the Motor Guard Magna Drill.

Designed for professional quality performance, both models feature double sided components for extra long life. The high-speed, tool-steel cuts fast and clean for precision holes every time. Users of these cutters report reduced repair times with far superior results over existing models and methods.

JMC001 Spot Weld Cutter
1/4" arbor with 3/8" cutter
JMC002 Replacement Cutters
3/8" double ended, 3/pkg
JMC003 Replacement Pilot
with springs, 3/pkg
JMD001 Magna Drill Spot Weld Cutter
3/8", double-ended drill & sport weld cutter
JMD007 Drill Bits
1/8" slotted, double-ended drill bits, 5/pkg
JMC007 Drill Bits
1/8" slotted, double-ended drill bits, 10/pkg