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MG-1 Magna-Guard
  • Contoured for Maximum Safety
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Maximum Operator Mobility

This unique, quality, U.S. manufactured product is the result of years of development, solving the high risk problem of safely operating the Air Chisel. Not a bulky glove or awkward cover, but a highly versatile Guard that allows total mobility of the operator's hand at the tool's trigger and grip area, while at the same time offering maximum hand protection.

The Motor Guard Magna Guard is the revolutionary companion to that age-old, potentially hazardous shop tool - the Knuckle-Bustin' Air Chisel. Anyone who has ever used a chisel in a tough application knows that protecting the hand is difficult at best when the going gets tough.

The Magna Guard's heavy duty construction provides long life in harsh environments, and protects your hand in even the toughest applications. Once you use the Magna Guard, you will never use an air chisel without it!