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Six Big Blocks in a Colorful Display

Motor Guard Corporation is pleased to introduce a collection of our NEW Big Block Rigid Sanding Blocks in an attention grabbing pop-up counter display - The AP-5 Sanding Block Assortment.

Featuring six blocks from the Motor Guard Rigid Block collection, the AP-5 assortment powers up hand sanding and makes quick work of the toughest jobs. Offered in both standard and hook faced versions, these blocks are engineered from super-dense yet light-weight materials and provide just the right amount of flex to conform to body panels and slight contours on both steel and aluminum body panels. Ultra-flat faces result in fast and flawless finishes.

Standard and Hook Faced Versions

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BGR6-1 RIGID BIG BLOCK & BGRK6-1 RIGID BIG BLOCK HOOK (2-5/8x5-1/2) A super-flat super rigid block for use with 2-3/4 rolls or half-sheets with no waste. Finger recesses on the sides allow for a firm yet powerful one-handed grip while tackling the toughest jobs.

BGR12-1 RIGID BIG BLOCK & BGRK12-1 RIGID BIG BLOCK HOOK (2-5/8x11) For aggressive, two-handed blocking, this long, rigid sanding block is unequaled. Use with 2-3/4 rolls or full sheets with no waste. Power block large areas with ease.

BGR16-1 RIGID BIG BLOCK & BGRK16-1 RIGID BIG BLOCK HOOK (2-5/8x16) Power block the largest panels with speed and power with our longest rigid sanding block. Use with 2-3/4 rolls or full sheets with no waste. Users of this block report maximum material removal in minimum time.