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Motor Guard offers innovative and time saving tools, providing unique solutions to refinishing challenges. Applications range from air preparation from the compressor to the spray gun, including the original spray gun filter, to quality, time-tested dent removal equipment highlighted by our Magna-Spot series stud welders, all producing zero painting defects.

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World Class Tools for the Collision Repair Professional

World Class Tools for the Collision Repair Professional

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Furnishing the auto body professional with innovative solutions since 1966.

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Frequently asked questions.

Where can I get a replacement operating manual for my Motor Guard product?2021-12-30T21:41:23+00:00

You can download manuals and instruction sheets on our website here.

Why are my stud welding pins not sticking?2021-12-09T00:43:20+00:00

Successful pin welding and pulling requires a strong weld and a strong weld depends on several factors:

First, check that power is connected and circuit breakers/fuses are not tripped. The circuit breaker on the welder case must be reset manually if it trips.

For best results, welder should be connected directly to a properly rated electrical outlet. The use of extension cords can reduce welding power. If an extension cord must be used, it should be as short as possible and of the highest possible gage (12 AWG recommended).

The panel to be welded must be prepped to clean bright metal and be free of paint, primer, dust, grease and rust.

Weld pins must be clean and have a bright copper finish. Do not use old or corroded pins.

The electrode ground tube on the welder must be free from carbon and oxidation. Clean the tube with a wire brush to bright copper.

Too short a weld time will result in a weak weld. Increase weld time until a strong weld is achieved.

In what order should I install my air preparation filters?2021-12-09T00:40:54+00:00

If you are installing multiple types of Motor Guard air preparation products or mixing different brands, the preferred order of installation is:

  1. Particulate Filter
  2. Oil Coalescing Filter
  3. Oil Adsorbing Filter
  4. Desiccant Dryer
  5. Pressure Regulator
Where can I get service and support for my Motor Guard products?2021-12-23T23:55:14+00:00

For support or repair service, contact us Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm Pacific time, Toll Free from the U.S. and Canada at 800-227-2822 or use the Contact section of our website. For warranty service, contact the distributor from which you bought the product.

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Find a distributor near you.

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